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Empathy Week - 2022

Global Online Conference

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Gavin McCormack

Co-Founder, Upshcool & Education Influence

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

Anna Volokhova

Founder | CEO , Montessori UA

Montessori Education During The War

Dr. Georgina Longley

Independent Tutor | Researcher

Dr. Nagamani Krishnamurthy

Research Director | CEO

A Comparative Introduction To Ancient Philosophy: Modern Messages From Times Past

Danelle Almaraz

Systems Coach

How To Promote Empathy Using Math

Daniele Manni

Youth Entrepreneurship Teacher |
Co-Founder, WeDo Academy

Student-Centered Education Through Entrepreneurial Mindset And Startup Making

Pjillip Jarvis

Chief Education Reimagineer

Reimagining Education Through A Life-Readiness Lens

Greshma Momaya

Head of Trio Tots

Bringing Gender Equality To Classrooms

Massrat Shaikh

Educational Psychologist

Toolbox Of Resources For Special Educational Needs Learners

Ortal Green

Co-Founder | CEO

Design Thinking - The Future Of Education

AL Kingsley


Shaping And Implementing Your Digital Strategy

Issac Itunu Bamidele

Education Officer | Quality Education Advocate

Inclusive Quality Education In Low Income Communities

Alexander Asiedu-Antwi

Education Activist

Classroom Management Techniques

Silvia Granucci

Primary Teacher

Storytelling And Fun!

Pooja AS

Academic Mentor | SEL Trainer | Teacher

Let Us Understand Their World: Teachers' Mental Wellbeing

Cran Middlecoat

Aerospace Nerd

My Cockpit To Your Classroom

Radhika Hedaoo

Assistant Professor

Edutainment Approach For Enhancing The Nutrition Curriculum Delivery In Schools

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